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Melbourne Business School ARCHIVED Thriving Through Change (online)

Thriving Through Change (online)

Equip yourself with the ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world.

4 weeks (5 hours per week)

Gain the practical tools, skills and experiences you need to expand your capacity to change during times of disruption.

We live in an ever-changing world, yet many of us struggle with the demands of change. We can feel uncertain about the future, worried about change initiatives in our organisations, and uncomfortable about being asked to do things differently from how we’ve always done them. This program helps you to approach change with a mindset that will allow you to develop, learn and thrive as our world evolves.

The program consists of four modules. Each module contains 30 minutes of pre-work, two live labs and up to an hour of self-paced learning per week. For more detail on the course structure, please download our brochure.

Who Should Attend?

Managers and professionals

  • In any industry and at any organisational level who want to equip themselves to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world

Key Takeaways

Answers to the Question: Why is change difficult?

  • Understand your own resistance and emotional response to change

Responding to change

  • Readiness to engage positively in organisational change
  • Skills for working towards sustained behavioural transformation

Thriving through change

  • Tools for resilience and well-being during times of disruption
  • Become who you want to be as you learn, develop and grow through change

Topics Covered

Self Awareness Icon

Increasing self-awareness

Understand your personal responses to change and how your emotions affect your ability to cope with adversity
Leadership Icon

Understanding human responses to change

Learn how people process emotions during change and identify thinking patterns that get in the way of accepting change
Change Icon

Reinterpreting change

Develop healthy appraisals of disruption and adversity to allow for a resilient response
Future Thinking Icon

Capacity Building

Build the inner strength and skills necessary to approach change with a new action plan to grow, transform and thrive

For Organisations

Teams struggling with the demands of change need the skills and support to overcome new and unforeseen challenges.

Teams struggling with the demands of change need the skills and support to overcome new and unforeseen challenges.

In Thriving Through Change, your teams and their leaders will discover how to make sense of change, build the resilience needed to cope with change, and learn the skills and strategies to handle adversity.

Across four modules, they will learn to reframe any change as an opportunity for growth and development, develop ways to improve performance during times of upheaval, and gain the skills to help others going through change – all while building a peer support network.

Each module includes two hour-long live labs, and up to two hours of self-paced learning per week.

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Jen Overbeck


Internationally recognised for her expertise in power and influence, Jen’s focus on change includes exploring how bolstering our sense of control can make change more comfortable.

Jill Klein


Jill is a social psychologist with expertise in resilience and well-being. She teaches strategies for coping and thriving during times of uncertainty and change.

Aviva Berzon


A workplace relations lawyer by background with expertise in leadership development and organisational change, Aviva consults to a wide variety of corporate and public sector clients to drive performance and growth.

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This is an online program. The program fee covers tuition. 

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